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Educational hub opened in Timisoara

First time in Timisoara: Minds Hub, the first educational hub from Romania, has opened its gates​. With an investment of almost 85.000 euro, a group of students from Timisoara, with the support of the West ...

Smallest… Largest…

Foreign languages never cease to amaze me. I found out that the smallest alphabet is Rotokas: 11-12 letters. You haven’t heard about this language? Hmmm… Let me tell you more. It is spoken by people in Bougainville. ...

10 Tricks to Appear Smart During Meetings

Like everyone, appearing smart during meetings is my top priority. Sometimes this can be difficult if you start daydreaming about your next vacation, your next nap, or bacon. When this happens, it’s good to have ...

Cel mai bine platite limbi straine din call-centers

Topul celor mai bine plătite limbi straine din call centerele din România. Ce trebuie să vorbeşti pentru un salariu net de 4.000 de lei pe lună
Cei care cunosc limbi „exotice” pot câştiga salarii foarte bune ...

Cel mai folosit cuvant in 2013

Limba engleza are 1,025,109 de cuvinte, dar cei 1,83 de miliarde de oameni de pe glob care cunosc engleza folosesc pe Internet cel mai des cuvantul "404". "Politica toxica" este sintagma cea mai uzitata, iar "Papa ...

Change a negative to a positive

Just by changing the words you use. How often do you think about the meanings of the words that you use every day? Like most people, do you just utter the words that seem to flow naturally from your mouth? Some of ...

Avantaj la angajare

Cunoaşterea unei limbi străine creşte şansele unui candidat la angajare, în contextul în care multe dintre companiile din România au parteneri sau clienţi străini. În plus, nu trebuie ignorat faptul că pentru ...


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"Ages of Love" - Audiobook Launch

Culture and spirituality only is a remedy for vulgarity. "Ages Of Love" is a book full of sleeplessness and joys, long-awaited by readers of the essayist Mihail Neamtu about whom Andrei ...

The pursued King

The exhibition "The Pursued King. Michael I of Romania in the Files of the State Security Services. Constanţa: Open Education and the National Council for the Study of The ...

The Cenafer project

The closing conference on the project "Flexibility and Adaptability in the Railway Transportation" (POSDRU financing) organized for CENAFER - The National Qualification and Training Center - took place at the ...

Train the Trainers

Open Education organizes regular 'Train the Trainers' sessions. The course is planned in one weekend session (3 days), created especially for people who want to improve their competence despite the busy working ...

"Ages of Love" - audiobook


Culture and spirituality only is a remedy for vulgarity. "Ages Of Love" is a book full of sleeplessness and joys, long-awaited by readers of the essayist Mihail Neamțu about whom Andrei Pleșu said to be "endowed with naturalness, old and new alike.” 


The American philosopher Allan Bloom notes that most young people have sexual relations, but they do not (no longer) live a love affair. Still, the animal world will never satisfy us. When love grasps us, we feel we belong to Heaven.


If thus happens how do we turn the love story into a singular destiny? Three short stories, philosophically interpreted by Mihail Neamțu, capture key situations of love. At the dawn of civilization, Mowgli leaves the jungle because he hears the song of love of the beautiful Shanti.


Two romantics in full adolescence, Mihnea and Dora meet passionate love flame, whose embers gets on fire through the "words to eat." Eventually, Dinu and Nelli Pillat – historical characters – have known both erotic ecstasy and suffering, always looking for eternity.

Beyond failure and bliss, but without proposing recipes for marital happiness, the book invites us to discover the promises, the pitfalls and the joys of love.


The launch event will take place on Wednesday, March 22, at Cluj in the Auditorium Maximum UB. The public of Cluj will be able to meet with both Pr. dr Adrian Papahagi, who will launch the book "The Christian in the City"  and Mihai Neamțu who will also hold a conference on the topic "Ages Of Love".


The "Ages Of Love" audiobook is an Open Education product.

"The Trump Phenomenon"


The Eccentric Billionaire - The Corrupt Establishment  - The Forgotten Man


Nearly thirty years after the collapse of the Soviet regime, Michael Neamtu watched the battle and predicted the victory of Donald Trump, the Republican gladiator, against the Clinton dynasty.

Philosopher and theologian familiar with the history of Late Antiquity, Dr Neamtu describes the clash between the Trump movement and the corrupt establishment of Washington DC in terms similar to the martial games held in the Roman Colosseum.


The sword of the combatant was his Twitter account. His enemies were a legion of politicians, highbrow academics, journalists, and sold-out experts.

Why did the American people cast their vote in favor of an underdog? What was the crowd’s reaction to Barack Obama’s arrogance? How was it possible for Donald Trump to defeat the Hollywood consensus and mainstream media bias against him? Where was FBI in this ongoing battle? Why did the Christian communities grant their support to a folksy, foul-mouthed, and highly unconventional character?


What should radical Islam, Communist China, and Putin’s Russia be afraid of? Will Europe learn its lesson from this extraordinary victory carried out by an American patriot? This book will provide you all the answers you were looking for.


"The Trump Phenomenon" is an Open Education project.